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Sophie Déziel

Sophie is montreal.rb president and she loves animated gifs, snowboarding, biking and her rabbits. She find that public speaking is very scary and it is for this specific reason she likes it.

Ben thouret

Ben Thouret

Ben fell in love with Ruby On Rails in 2006. He quickly co-founded Code Genome, one of the first Rails development companies in Montreal. Nowadays, most of his time is dedicated to revolutionizing Internet access solutions and Nest Thermostats management for Hotels, Multi-Dwelling Units and Meeting Spaces at Intello.


Henry Jenkins

After six months of backpacking Henry came to Montreal to learn French. By day he is a software developer, by night a cyclist and adventurer. "I want to help my community come together, learn and have fun!"


Van Duc Nguyen

Software engineering student at ETS and a member of student club CEDILLE. I am an organizer of Montreal RailsBridge because of Montreal's Ruby community is awesome.


Manon Deloupy

Master student in computer science at SUPINFO. "I want to be part of RailsBridge because the support of the community is essential when you begin a new language, and that's exactly what's happening here"


Mathieu Gagné

Lead Web Developer at Motion Eleven. "I want to share my love for Rails, the easiest yet most complete framework for web development out there. Let's demystify it together." Mathieu enjoys a good capuccino on a sunny Sunday morning.

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